All About the Learning Management System

The emergence of internet and different mobile phone application has made organizations look for ways to blend people, processes, and technology in a more robust manner. A Learning Management System is a software that helps educational as well as corporate organizations automate various administrative tasks related to registration, tracking, and reporting of classes and training sessions. Such a system serves as a great platform to conduct one or multiple online classes and training sessions to let individuals easily access the courses, 24×7.

Some of the popular learning management solutions include Moodle, Sakai, LRN, and so on. These open-source learning management solutions have achieved tremendous popularity, not only among educational institutes, but also among non-profits and corporate organizations.

Let’s discuss the benefits of using such an open-source education management systems.

Feature-rich Tools to Manage Class and Training Registrations

Learning management solutions help organizers easily create and manage class/training registrations. Setting up online registration forms lets individuals, from any corner of the world, freely access such forms whenever they wish. They can easily fill up the form and submit the same, sitting at the comfort of their home or travelling on a bus (using a laptop or a high-end mobile!).

Customization Feature

Educators and event organizers can use an open-source learning platform to create customized registration forms. Customization includes adding your organization’s logo, inserting any supporting images/graphics, and changing the page layout. Such platforms also help you create endless numbers of customized reports to assemble any kind of data and information.

Collaboration Tools to Improve Interactivity with Students/Attendees

Collaboration tools such as emails, video conferencing, and online chatting help in connecting with your users in real-time. These tools help you easily share urgent course materials and any class or training-related news with the registrants. You can instantly send emails, inviting or reminding individuals to attend a class/event. You can even start a video conference anytime to discuss about your company policies, connecting with employees in all branches simultaneously.

Highly Scalable and Affordable to Use

Almost all open-source learning management solutions come at an affordable rate for anyone to use, as and when needed. Moreover, any form of learning platform is highly scalable, in the sense that you can use it to address your ever-increasing business demands and interest.

Easily Track and Monitor the Progress of Each Program/Class

Organizers can create reports to assess class or student performance records. They can even track the progress of each class and training program to fix any flaws in the process.